TOOLS:          Photoshop / MAYA

TIME:             01 / 16 / 2019 - 05 / 01 /2019

ROLE:            Art Director / Concept

Burnt Onion Studio is a game studio consisting of ETC students, working on the pre-production of a year long development game.  Burnt Onion Studio will explore and develop our own game production processes and meaning of pre-production to pass it on to future team for the development.

The studio’s goal is to develop a pre-production package for a game that will be published in a professional fashion; publishing it to Steam, the App Store, Google Play, etc.

Concept Art


Game Overview

The Exodus is a resource-gathering survival game. The player will emerge as one of the remaining survivors of the crash. As the appointed leader, the priority is to sustain and accommodate to your crew members’ needs until you reach your final destination. Your final destination is where you will regroup with survivors and the remains of the exodus mothership.


To travel across unknown terrains, the player will require a sturdy automotive mechanism and a beacon. You will explore and chart the unknown world, identify unknown resources, refine raw resources to consumable supplies, assign jobs to crew members, and much more.

Model Sheet


One of the core gameplay is constructing compartments around the player’s fortress. The construction system provides essential compartments such as a medical clinic, warehouse, workshop, research lab and refinery, imperative structures for the sustainability of the fortress. These compartments also can be upgraded. Along with these five compartments, I also designed the core pillar of fortress, the fuel tank, and the base legs. 

dimentional trail to explore silhouette 

Base Leg


Fuel Tank

Core Pillar




Research Center

Medical Clinic


Stones contain many metal elements like iron, tin, zinc, calcium, etc. Some are solid and some are full of holes, like limestones. There are some microorganisms and moss on the
surface. That causes bio-illumination on the surface of stones

Fruits from most vegetation are edible. The big round blue glowing ball is the fruit with a seed inside. The size of ripe fruit is about two man’s head. The ripe fruit also has a bright blue glowing texture that attracts tiny flying bugs. These bugs are friendly to human beings.


Stones and Vegetation

map vision.png


There are four kinds of terrains - Grass, Soil, Ice, and Water. The fortress cannot walk over the water terrain.
The map is divided into hexagonal tiles. Our team designed nine tiles in total, as a basic procedural hexagon block. You can rotate, scale (only in Y axis), or combine these blocks to create various maps.


World Rough Overview